Ice Melt and Grit

BCA Products has developed a line of four performance driven ice melt products and one traction grit product to assure a safe and manageable winter. No matter what winter brings, it is our goal to offer a wide range of products so you are prepared while keeping your best interests in mind. We’ve formulated an array of products that perform at differing temperature ranges from 20° F down to -20° F. BCA Products blended ice melters provide fast melting action at a reasonable price. Our ice melts are blended to take advantage of the low cost of sodium chloride and the performance enhancing attributes of magnesium and calcium chloride to bring a well-rounded, affordable and performance driven product to market. Our ice melts and grit include blends that are crucially fast acting, pet safe and environmentally friendly and economical to fit into your budget. BCA Products provides products with consistent particle sizing, product integrity and top notch customer service to assure great de-icing products that perform as promised. Try them out for yourself today! Contact us to find your local distributor or inquire about becoming a dealer today.




Economical Sodium Chloride ice melt with Potassium Chloride. Keeps sidewalks dry as it melts. Melts snow and ice continuously at 0°F.


Also available with a high blend of Calcium Chloride for faster results.



Pet Safe RID ICE

Safe for Pets. Salt Free - Contains Carbonyl Diamide, Glycol mixtures. Won’t stain floors or carpets. Environmentally friendly – won’t harm lawns or plants Convenient shaker jug for portion control.




All in one product – contains all the ice melting ingredients yet at a great price. Designed for the retail market, this fast acting de-icer containing Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Chloride takes the slip out of ice, as it melts. Melts up to -14°F below.




SUPER RID ICE is the premium commercial grade ice melt on the market. A high blend of Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride allow it to work 4 times faster than rock salt. SUPER RID ICE melts ice in the coldest of weather up to -20°F below.




Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to salt and chemicals? Cherry Stone® TRACTION GRIT is a quartzite rock product designed to provide immediate traction on snow and ice on sidewalks, steps, and driveways. It is also great at helping you free your vehicle from hang ups on snow and ice. It is non-polluting, non-staining and will not contribute to the deterioration of concrete surfaces, or harm plants or grass.