BCA Products’ Green Pro brand carries a full line of lawn care products designed for use by landscapers, nurseries, golf courses, lawn care services and retail merchandisers as a great alternative to national brands. Green Pro has developed a 4 Step Revive and Thrive lawn care program to guide customers on how to take care of their lawn showing them which fertilizer to apply and when the best time is to apply it. Green Pro’s reputation to formulate supreme-quality fertilizers is unmatched. We use only the highest quality raw materials to offer a wide range of formulas, whether you need a straight NPK fertilizer or one that contains an herbicide. We strive to provide a professional, quality product line at the best overall value. BCA Products has just what you need to reassure your customers that they are receiving supreme-quality fertilizers and service from a company you know and trust.



Green Pro Crabgrass Preventer 27-0-8

  • Prevents crabgrass and fertilizes in one application
  • Contains Dithiopyr for Pre and Post emergent control for 180 days
  • Non-staining formulation
  • Develop a strong, disease resistant turf to remain robust throughout summer
  • 3% Sulfur to balance pH



Green Pro Weed ‘N’ Feed 25-0-8

  • Contains VIPER™ with 4-way active herbicide for killing weeds
  • Controls over 250 broadleaf weeds including dandelion, chickweed and clover
  • High fertilizer analysis for fast growth, thickening and lush green-up
  • 2% Sulfur to balance pH



Green Pro Lawn Fertilizer 24-0-10

  • Helps fight off the stresses of summer – heat, drought and high traffic
  • Slow release fertilizer that thickens and promotes a strong green lawn for the rest of summer
  • Versatile fertilizer can be used year round
  • Minimizes weeds by maintaining a healthy lawn



Green Pro Winterizer 26-0-13

  • Prepares your lawn for the stress of winter
  • Root-building formula to withstand winter dormancy, encourage drought resistance and increase plant hardiness
  • Slow release nitrogen for your turf to store nutrients all winter and have it readily available in spring
  • 1% Iron for quick spring green-up



Green Pro MinneGrow Fertilizer 5-5-0

  • Organic fertilizer produced locally in Minnesota
  • High fertilizer content with 5% Iron, 3% Calcium and 1% Magnesium
  • Slow release nitrogen feeds up to 10 weeks



Green Pro Garden Fertilizer 10-10-10

  • All around fertilizer for vegetables, flowers, trees or shrubs
  • Provides a balanced fertilizer formula of all the key nutrients to grow strong, full blooming plants
  • Contains ample phosphorus for healthy root development and fast germination



BCA Premium Quality Lawn Starter 18-22-6

  • Well balanced starter fertilizer designed for seeding or sodding a new lawn
  • High phosphorus help seeds germinate and establish root development quickly
  • Provides quick greening and continuous feeding