Our Green Pro brand carries a full line of lawn care products designed for use by landscapers, nurseries, golf courses, lawn care services and retail merchandisers. We use only the highest quality raw materials to offer a wide range of formulas, whether you need a straight NPK fertilizer or one that contains a herbicide.

Ice Melts & Grit

BCA Products has developed a line of four performance driven ice melt products and one traction grit product to assure a safe and manageable winter. We’ve formulated an array of products that perform at differing temperature ranges from 20° F down to -20° F. Our ice melts and traction grit include blends that are crucially fast acting, pet safe and environmentally friendly and economical to fit into your budget.

Custom Blend

We will blend the exact fertilizer or combination fertilizer and herbicide product formula to our customer’s request. We offer a complete line of greens, fairway and standard grade fertilizer, in addition to organic and liquid varieties. If you want to create a unique blend for your customers, we will gladly manufacture, bag and label it to your specifications.

BCA Products can also create a custom blended ice melt product. Our ice melting products are a combination of four granular chlorides, all of which have their own unique advantages and melting temperatures.